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What I Do

Latest Works

My latest works are derived from memories of living in New Orleans for over 11 years. The French Quarter is full of history. The architecture is so beautiful and I loved the wrought iron balconies and gates. The iron has a delicate and Lacey design and yet is indestructible. I wondered how many people have seen and touched these graceful, intricate designs through hundreds of years. I wanted to paint what I saw in the beauty of the wrought iron and the graceful shapes that have withstood every storm and still remain. Each iron design is unique and brings out its own spirit.


Here are the sizes and prices for this series:

16" x 20" ... $ 350.00

30" x 30" ... $ 900.00

36" x 36" ... $1200.00

Pet Portraits

I have pricing for 2 sizes. This makes it easy and are the most popular. If you request another size, no problem!

12" x 12" , 8" x 10", 11" x 14" $450.00

16" x 20" ... $950.00

Portraits of people

A nice size for a portrait is a 30" x 40" canvas. Of course you may have any size you wish.

30" x 40" ... $1400.0

Event Painting

I have painted for live events such as Nevada Writers Painted Stories. I am available to paint your special event. Do you have a wedding, bar/bat-mitzvah, or fundraiser coming up or an event you want captured? 

Natural & In The Moment

Live painting completed on site with some detail in the couple/person and impressionist canvas.

24" x 36" ... $1500.00

Refined in my studio: for a beautifully finished painting in oils.

24" x 36" ... $2000.00

Painting from photos

Wedding or special event already happened? I paint from photos. These are great gifts for anniversaries and birthdays!

24" x 36" ... $1200.00